Team Napoleon

Teamplaying uses a powerful training method to address individual growth and potential via an “Experiential Learning” based model.  

This type of learning is more likely to produce positive personal and outcomes such as confidence, self-esteem and a sense of personal value and purpose than conventional learning models.

​Teamplaying uses a very clever and well developed “hands on” team-based game called Team Napoleon which totally immerses the individual into a positive and enjoyable team environment where their individual value is paramount in terms of the overall team’s success.

​Mentally and visually engaging, ‘Team Napoleon' is both a challenge and an experience that is unlike any training tool on the market today!

​Addictive in nature, Team Napoleon stimulates the mind long after the game is finished and is designed to challenge players,

​Strategic planning, innovative problem solving, conflict resolution and sound economic management become vital qualities practiced and encouraged in Team Napoleon. Players must respond to rapid change and think on their feet in the heat of battle.

Teamplaying delivers a more holistic and personalised experience that focus on an individual’s worth and strengths, rather than the trainer’s ability to hold a groups attention via lecture based learning.


Please read more about Experiential Learning” based models.

We recommend you read some excellent online articles which explains out the benefits of experience based learning.


Concept and principles of experiential learning activities article is © Martin Thompson MTA International, 2008-13.  © Alan Chapman 2008-2013

What do players of Team Napoleon say?

“Team Napoleon is a great game of strategy and team work. Its enjoyable, yet challenging, relying on players to back each other up  while trying to out-think, out-manoeuvre, and even bluff opponents (a bit of luck with the dice helps too…) as they try to re-write history.”


“Team Napoleon promotes critical thinking, strategic planning, team work and leadership, in a fun and competitive setting of Napoleonic History.”

​Darryl Kane  Supervisor Library and Council Services Centre Lake Haven

Central Coast Council

"The game was amazing and I enjoyed every second of it! It was such a fun day and it was definitely the most fun I've had!!"

"A truly unique experience unlike any other" 

Benjamin Abolins, Student

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