Team Napoleon Demonstration Game

Sunday the 24th of July 2016 - The Entrance Gallery, Central Coast NSW

Team Napoleon Demonstration Game


Ben – British

Rob – Prussian

Scott – Nordic Nations

Evan – Russia



Darryl – French

Chris – Spanish

Andrew – Austrian

Guy - Ottoman

What a game! Team One comprising of Ben, Rob, Scott and Evan started with an overwhelming and concentrated attack on the French Lead team of Darryl, Chris, Andrew and Guy.

The Austrian, Spanish and French Capitals fell in quick succession as the British, Prussian, Nordic Nations and The Russian Empire made some brilliant team based moves backed up by luck with the dice and Battle Cards.

Slowly but surely the French Based Alliance clawed their way back into the game with some hard fought victories by the Ottoman Empire to push back and holt the advance of Russia, whilst the French and Spanish liberated both the Spanish and French Capitals. A brilliant move by the Russian Fleet put flight to the Ottoman Fleet to slow the Ottoman advance.

History was relived with the English defeating the combined Spanish and French fleets even in the same sea territory as The Battle of Trafalgar. But the duplicated Battle of Waterloo was won by the French who went on to storm and take the Prussian Capital. But this was short lived as the Nordic and Prussian team work won it back the same year.

Austria could never be liberated and on the very last Battle Card that drawn, suffered the indignity of being eliminated from the game. (which means they had no pieces left on the table).

Although French and Ottoman gains were slowly bringing back a balance to the game, a smart invasion move by the English in the final year of the battle, aided by a poor French dice roll, brought about the loss of the French capital Paris for a second time.

The Spanish spent the whole game defending their territory, and only just started to expand as the game ended.

Conclusion: an early and successful pre-emptive team sacrificing attack on the Austrian Capital by the Nordic Nations severely weakened Austria, which set up a Prussian victory when they attacked one move later. Austria never recovered.

The French attempt to foil the British invasion plans failed at the Battle of Trafalgar and the subsequent land victories by the British turned the Spanish and French attention to their backs. Although the French did have some solid victories based on some good strategy, the dice rolls and Battle Cards proved cruel! All the luck went the way of the other team, and there was little Team Two could do as depleted armies failed to combine.

Although the Ottoman Empire won the most victories on the table and kept the Russians from obliterating Austria, on that side of the world it was at best a draw.

At the end, Team One comprising Ben, Rob, Scott and Evan ruled the day and held two enemy capitals at the conclusion; their team score 685 which included 31 flags (colours)

​French Lead team comprising of Darryl, Chris, Andrew and Guy were slowly clawing back early losses, but it was all too little too late. Their team scored 455 which included 23 flags (colours)

Winners: Strategic Victory - Team One by a margin of 230 battle points

A great game and an awesome team work display!


Victory scales in Battle points

  • 0 to 50 points win = Marginal Victory

  • 55 to 195 points win = Celebrated Victory

  • 200 to 295 points = Strategic Victory

  • 300 to 395 points = Smashing victory

  • 400 and over = Crushing victory

What the players said....

"I really enjoyed the game, and I mean really enjoyed it!

 I can proudly say that my French empire at its height stretched from Denmark and northern Germany all the way down to the toe of Italy and northern Portugal.

 I also won the battle of Waterloo for France….

 Sadly I couldn’t retain/defend that tract of territory and ended up losing Paris, lol…"

Darryl - Team Two

"The game was amazing and I enjoyed every second of it! It was such a fun day and it was definitely the most fun I've had!!
Thank you so much for the opportunity and I'd hope that you let me know if ever another game was to be played that I could be a part of. Student by dayland and Ruler of the British Empire at night haha"

Ben - Team One

'I Loved the game - I can honestly say ive never played a better strategy game, and the effort and art that has gone into recreating the napoleonic context really got me immersed in the game and the history of it. Can't wait to do it again!'

Robert Spier  Team One

Demonstration game pictures below..

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